As many of you have noticed, I do go on about the Phallosan Forte quite a lot!  There is only one sole reason for this, because it worked for me and really helped me.

I was asked a couple of weeks ago if I am linked to Swiss AG the company that produces the Phallosan Forte.

Swiss AG offer an affiliate programme which I am now a member of and for every sale of the PF through my website I receive $100.  That’s as far as it goes (although purchasers benefit also by receiving an extra $100 of additional extras as well)

In reality though, I am lucky if I get one sale per month if that and actually, being totally transparent, I have only had three sales via my websites which totals a whole $300!

If I can get a bit of money from the affiliate programme to help fund my website, 0800 number etc then why not?

BUT, the most important thing in all this, the reason I evangelise the PF is because it worked for me.

Over the last few months I have had numerous offers from companies asking me to be an ambassodor for products that I have not even used/trialled for financial gain.  That is not why I do this.

I may one day, advertise more on the website but to be 100% clear, I will only ever evangalise a product that I have used and beleive in.  I have morales, integrity and principlies.  I just wanted to clear this up.

Thanks xx