It’s been a while since I gave on an update on my Peyronies Disease progress.

It’s now nearly two years since I first discovered my Peyronies Disease during which time I have spent over £1000 on traction devices, had 2 rounds of XIAFLEX and been consumed, like most of us are by PD.

Physically, I now have a 10-15% curve and I’m not sure if I’m being paranoid but when I stop using traction the curvature does appear to get worse, not something I still expected to be happening.  I am still having some problems with ED so I am now on tablets.  Not sure again if this is more psychological. Probably is if I’m honest.

I assumed that following XIAFLEX and this amount of traction that the curve would stabilise, again not sure and not sure if I’m imagining things.  This comes after having a couple of weeks off traction.  I have not been as committed to traction recently as it is consuming but as of today, I am back on it!

When I went back to my consultant a few weeks ago, he asked me if I was happy now, I was not sure what my response should have been.  Of course, I am not happy, but I think the way I responded gave him the message that my treatment was fine to conclude.

Today, I don’t feel the same.  I am 41, hopefully have a fair few years ahead of me and I need a working penis.

So here is the plan. I am now going to work towards a 5% curve.  I don’t have a plan for this yet or know which route I am going to take apart from initially as of today, I am going to stick to traction again for at least 6 hours per day for the next month.  I will report back on progress one month from now.

I almost forgot that I had also purchased a shockwave device from Amazon for £12.  Yup, the crazy things we do for love

Mark xx